Want to know more about Community Cafes? The Alliance has many resources that can help.

The Community Café Guide for Hosts shares foundational ideas about Community Café, sharing that hosting Community Cafes are part of an Appreciative Inquiry process:

  • Dream – What is your vision for strengthening families?
  • Design – What change(s) would you like to see happen in your community?
  • Discovery – What do you want to learn / need to know?
  • Delivery – Host a café conversation and commit to action as a result of the conversation

The Community Café Guide for Hosts will help you learn more about he Appreciative Inquiry process, share seven steps for hosting a café and give you ideas about engaging your community in the process.

Community Cafes: Revealing Unforeseen Partnerships gives some great examples of the how the café process can work in a community and this story from Alaska is also shared in the following video. As a participant shares in the video — “There is grace in receiving help.”